Innovation and quality



Our people

Highly skilled

over 95% with academic studies and Java certifications


english, french, german, spanish and portuguese


average 9.5 years of professional experience

Long term

average 4.4 years in our payroll

Our company

Java Excellence

expertise and focus on Java technology

Facing Innovation together

adopting emerging technologies

Speed of execution

a result of our experience, expertise, commitment and motivation

Feedback and quality assurance

applicable best practices and tools

Our location

Cost savings

competitive labour & communication costs


overlaps with most european & african geographies


15 minutes from Lisbon airport (daily flights to/from the major european locations)

Lower absenteeism

pleasant and healthy mediterranean climate

Centres of Excellence

Centres of Excellence

Our most knowledgeable, highly qualified, well trained and prolific consultants are involved in our Centres of Excellence producing valuable reference assets (code snippets and examples, case-studies, technical recipes, proofs-of-concept, frameworks, reference architectures, best practices and solutions).
Produced assets in these Centers are key for the quality of the services and solutions we provide to our customers.

Java Enterprise

Deep understanding of specs and concrete implementations gruesome details using JSF, EJB, CDI extensions, JPA, RMI/IIOP/WS/ReST interceptors and handlers, JTA transactions control and coordination and OSGI.
JRE performance tuning for enterprise solutions to JMX monitoring and control.

Electronic Identification (eID)

Innovative solutions to take advantage of the citizen cards and other electronic identification cards with online services and Points of Single Contact (PSCs), including the digital signature, authentication and extraction and load of personal data.
Security specs (JAAS, JASPIC, JACC, SAML, XACML, OAuth, OpenID, PKCS), products (CAS, EJBCA, OpenSSO), cryptography standards implementations, and electronic signature

Application lifecycle Management

Continuous integration and delivery, build & test automation, releases provisioning & dependency management, knowledge management, tasks & configuration management with cross-traceability, code review, inspection and conformity: from process definition to legacy upgrade and migration to solution rollout.
Best practices applied to project management and solutions usage, personalization, integration, configuration and administration.

What we do


Linkare provides you with high-value services over the 4Ds life-cycle (Discover, Design, Develop and Deploy) on a fixed-price or Time & Materials basis, on-site or off-site (nearshore or offshore depending on your location).
Our team’s expertise and experience, access to continuous integration tools, code quality assurance and world competitive prices make us stand out in the marketplace and mean we are the best choice for your Java Software Factory.

IT Consulting

IT Consulting

Consultants with extensive experience and knowledge of Java technology, working alongside our customers, are able to drive a strong momentum on any project or team.


Applications and systems architecture, user experience (ux) and layout design, Proofs-of-concept, assessments and open source software.

Training on demand

Design and delivery of Java training courses and mentoring programmes, adapted to customers’ needs.

Software quality Assurance, Audit & Testing

Over requirements, architectures, methodologies and processes.
Code review and best practices compliance. functional, stress, load and integration testing.
Performance, availability, scalability, fault-tolerance and resilience analysis.

Solutions delivery

Solutions delivery

Our customers benefit from our large experience and expertise in delivering solutions, namely web applications, portals and systems integration over a service oriented architecture. Alongside with our experience in proprietary software we have a large expertise with Java open source software.


> Java enterprise architecture: JSF, EJB, CDI, JPA, …
> Frontend: javascript, HTML5 & CSS3 (jQuery, Bootstrap, ...)
> Server: JBoss, Tomcat, Weblogic and Websphere
> Database: MySQL, Oracle and NoSQL (CouchDB, MongoDB)
> System integration: Enterprise Service Bus (JBoss, Websphere Message Broker and Oracle SOA Suite) and RMI, Web Services and ReST
> Portal, Intranet and Extranet: Liferay framework

Custom software development

> Web Applications
> Portals
> Intranet and Extranet
> Mobile and Rich Internet Applications

Systems integration

> Service oriented architecture
> Enterprise Service Bus - ESB
> Enterprise Application Integration - EAI

Maintenance and support

Based on ITSM/ITIL best practices:
> Java applications maintenance (bug fixing, evolutive, platform upgrades and configuration)
> Infrastructure maintenance (setup, configuration and monitoring)
> 2nd level support for customers’ IT staff

Staffing Services

Staffing Services

We have proven experience in the provision of high-skilled Java professionals, with a focus on proper academic background, personal approach and commitment to your projects, tasks and goals.
All our professionals are on our payroll, having succeeded in a rigorous recruitment process. This process is continuously improved to achieve quality and time-to-market best practices.
In tandem with this, we continue to invest in training, mentoring and in our knowledge-sharing network, to the benefit of all our professionals and customers.

Java profiles

Consultant, technology expert, software & system architect, analyst-programmer, test designer, tester, quality assurance engineer, systems and database administrators, etc.

High adequacy

Our focus on Java technology, our ability to understand your requirements, the rigorous recruitment process and the continuous investment in our people, all improve the integration process and the adequacy to the “job”, avoiding future needs for replacements.

over 95% total adequacy